Chris Tokunaga


Illustrator, Designer, and Animator knowledgeable in

Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign, Muse, and Spine.


For full app and web game development inquiries check out my partnered studio:

My name is Chris Tokunaga, but was taken. If anyone knows the owner tell them there's a crisp $20 bill and a cheese burger if they hand it over.


I'm a freelance illustrator and animator who specializes in kid-centric mobile and desktop games. I have 20 years of experience and have had the pleasure to work with larger clients and independent studios alike.


I take great pleasure in what I do and always look forward to meeting and working with good people.


These days I can mostly be found in my role as partner and creative director over at Tip-Tok. We are an app and online game development studio founded twixt myself and the programming genius, Niilo Tippler.

Projects and Clients include:

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